About us

Serving and building financially confident communities.

Our mission

At CrediFai, our goal is to serve and impact the community by offering financial services and giving them the opportunity to establish a credit history. We aim to accompany our clients on their path to prosperity through the use of technology, tools and systems to lower their financial costs while maintaining long-term relationships.

Why people like you choose CrediFai

We are a lender that caters to the necessities of our community. Whether those needs are aspirational or due to something obligational, we are here to help give everyone an equal opportunity to make good and succeed.

We make loans accessible to the public

We provide personal loan opportunities for everyone including those with no credit, and little credit history.

We help you take control of your credit history

We report to all 3 credit bureaus so customers can establish, improve, and maintain their credit confidently.

We build financially confident communities

We provide financial education so our clients can make the monetary decisions that are best for them.


Refer a friend and get rewarded

With the Train referral program, you profit from every successful loan applicant you refer. Get on the train today! Invite more friends, gain more benefits, and be part of the referral program where everyone wins.

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