Let's Build As Many Trains As We Can To Serve & Impact The Community

A tool to help you reduce your Payments

The Train by CrediFai is a referral program that gives you an opportunity to reduce your monthly payment by referring others to join our service.

The process is simple. If you have a loan that you’re currently paying on and you refer someone to our service, you will receive a discount on your payment based on the amount of their approved loan and the interest they are paying. You can increase your discounted amount by referring multiple customers. The more customers you refer that get approved, the higher your potential discounted amount will be.

How The Train Works

See Examples Below

If your referral gets a loan of:
Your earn:
If your referral
gets a loan of:
Your earn:

Potential earnings are based on each individual referral. You can add as many referrals as you can to extend your train and increase your potential earnings!

Want To Pay Less? Join The Referral
Program Where Everyone Wins

The train’s customer referral program allows you to help yourself while also helping others. Be the conductor of your train and refer others in need of our services. You’ll earn money for every successful loan application added to your train.

Build And Conduct Your Train

It's simple! Give your referral code to everyone you know. When someone applies and gets approved, we'll contact you to let you know they've joined your train. When they start paying you start earning. Then just sit back, collect, and enjoy.

Accumulate Bonus Payments

It's very easy! You'll receive a bonus on your loan payment for every approved referral. For every payment they make, you receive a bonus. Benefit from your train by referring more applicants, earning more bonuses and gaining more income.

Earn Passive Income

It's incredible! If you no longer have a loan you’re paying on, we’ll pay you monthly commissions based on your referrals. If a referral pays off a loan and requests another in the future, you'll start earning again. Continue referring and growing your train and you'll keep generating income month after month.

Impact Your Community

Build your train and inspire others to get started. Everyone can benefit from generating income and wealth. So start conducting your train today, bring others aboard, and join forces so you all can get on the fast track to financial success.

Refer a friend and get rewarded

With the Train referral program, you profit from every successful loan applicant you refer. Get on the train today! Invite more friends, gain more benefits, and be part of the referral program where everyone wins.

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Our Mission

At CrediFai, our goal is to serve and impact the community by offering financial services and giving them the opportunity to establish a credit history. We aim to accompany our clients on their path to prosperity through the use of technology, tools, and systems to lower their financial cost while maintaining long-term relationships.

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